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Meet our new team member, Mariann Kolev: Health, Safety, Environment & Quality Manager at ENWCML.

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Health & Safety is our number one priority, so we are really excited to have Mariann on board, maintaining and enhancing our Health, Safety, Environment & Quality Programs at ENWCML. Mariann will be working alongside our team, continuing to develop our expertise in helping customers to maintain and efficiently run their High Voltage Networks.

We asked Marian some questions about her background and a typical day in the life of a Health, Safety, Environment & Quality Manager:

Name: Mariann Kolev

Position: HSEQ Manager

What is your role at ENWCML: I look after HSEQ matters relating to our company and what we do as a business. This includes responsibilities such as ensuring we have adequate HSEQ procedures and policies in place, advising our team on HSEQ matters, carrying out audits and inspections, implementing management systems to stay in line with HSE legislation and to conform to our HSEQ-related accreditations.

What is your past experience/background: My background is mainly construction in the energy sector in various areas such as gas, electricity, renewables and even generation, although I also spent some time in the railway industry.

What do you enjoy about the work you do: I get to see and talk to a lot of different people from all backgrounds; there is a lot of interaction and people always contribute to my work. There is also a good mixture of comfy office work and being out and getting muddy.

Is there anything that the industry must deal with that you can help to fix: I have seen that blame culture still exists everywhere in the industry to a certain degree. Even within one organisation there could be differences between sections or departments. People might be reluctant to report health and safety concerns in fear of being perceived as trouble makers. I believe here at ENWCML we are very good at promoting open and honest discussions about anything in general but there is always room for improvement.

Any previous work achievements which you are proud of: Being hand-picked for a very high-profile construction project a few years ago where it was crucial to have the best team possible managing the project. For me it was about the recognition that I should be put in with the elite (just like now being a member of the ENWCML team).

What do you enjoy doing in your free time? I love flying light aircrafts, but I have a far more dangerous hobby too: I enjoy creating stained glass artwork such as colourful panels or boxes, which involves high-risk activities such as cutting glass and soldering.