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Make Net Zero a priority in 2021.

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Following the UK Governments pledge to reach their Net Zero target by 2050, there is no better time to help reshape our society in the way in which we consume energy, working towards a Green Industrial Revolution to deliver a cleaner economy. Electricity North West (Construction and Maintenance) limited are perfectly positioned to help facilitate these ambitious targets through the provision of low carbon energy solutions across the UK.

This is a great opportunity to help transform the energy sector in the UK. Our experience in delivering decarbonising solutions for commercial businesses including Solar PV, LED Lighting, Electric Vehicle Charging and Low Loss Transformers demonstrates our ability to help lower the costs of your business and reduce your carbon footprint by approaching your energy needs holistically. 

What is Net Zero and why should we be aiming towards it?

In 2019, the UK became the first country in the world to declare a climate emergency and passed laws to bring greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050. Net Zero means balancing carbon dioxide emissions with carbon removal, or simply eliminating carbon dioxide emissions altogether.

If we are to achieve this ambitious target, the wide-scale adoption of energy efficiency measures and low carbon technologies such as Solar, LED Lighting and Electric Vehicle Charging are essential. By setting your business a specific target to aim for and a benchmark to reach, you can show that your sustainability efforts are working, ensuring that your business is lowering your Carbon Footprint and reducing your energy consumption – this is where we can assist with attaining these targets for you.

How can you achieve Net Zero?

We know that the transition to Net Zero raises a lot of questions for businesses, but we are on hand to help. There are many ways that we can help to decarbonise your business, some of which are explained below:

Solar PV: Solar power is still at the heart of tailored, distributed generation solutions due to its cost-effectiveness, reliability, versatility, and speed of deployment, all helping to meet the energy needs of your business. By undertaking a free initial consultation and a desktop outline business proposal, we can determine the right Solar PV system for your business including any CAPEX and funded options that may be available to you.

LED Lighting: Commercial and Industrial lighting is a key driver to help your business reduce their operations and maintenance costs by up to 80%. Each workspace is different, so we can therefore create a tailored design to ensure uniformity and colour rendering index (CRI). ENWCML are also able to offer finance on many projects for the installation of energy-efficient LED technology so book your free no-obligation site survey to find the right solution and options available for your business.

Electric Vehicle Charging: ENWCML, along with their partners, Drax can help to offer a bespoke plan for your business that supports your transition to Electric Vehicles, highlighting the benefits such as cheaper running costs and charging via 100% renewable sourced power. We can also explore how generating your own electricity can fuel your Electric Vehicles whilst reducing your reliance on the grid.

Contact us today for more information or download detailed guidelines on your specific business area here: https://www.enwcml.co.uk/decarbonise-your-business/