ENQUIRIES CALL 0845 0702520
ENQUIRIES CALL 0845 0702520
Emergency resp

Emergency Response

At your side 24 hours a day 365 days a year

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Having someone at the end of the telephone that you know will not only take your call but then will also rapidly be on site to help get your lights, equipment, business back up and running when you need it most, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

We recognise that the supply of energy to a business is the life blood that runs through its veins. If the blood stops flowing then the machinery and people that are its muscles can no longer function. Your business starts to get dizzy and may go into a spin. If the processes stop, the business stops, the money stops and eventually the business may die. The customer who join us, stay with us, our teams get to know them, they become our colleagues, and even our friends. The loss of supply to us is like a bleeding colleague, we don’t want that to happen and we won’t let that happen!

Our fault response framework ensures all our COMA customer are given a telephone number that provides them with direct access into the Network Control room. The Control Engineers then have access to over 100 Senior Authorised Persons (SAPs) and more than 500 technicians and crafts resources to respond to customer emergencies.

We follow a tried and tested process to help you as fast as possible…


Call: 0845 0702520 for further information on Emergency Response or email us at: sales@enwcml.co.uk