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HV Services

High Voltage Services

The advancement in automation of processes often means that our customer has increased the needs for the average industrial, commercial of retail customers power supply. The more power, often means bigger equipment which can lead to the need for our customers to take their power supply from the local distribution network (the grid) at High Voltage (6.6kV or 11kV) as appose to the more well known single phase 240V or 3-phase 415V supply. Operating at High Voltage (HV) presents it’s own challenges presenting users further headaches when trying to comply with the Electricity at work Act and Health and Safety at Work regulations, and their desire to operate a safe network for their employees and their business. 

Becoming an Electricity North West (Construction & Maintenance) COMA customer helps to overcome this problem. Under the COMA (Control, Operation and Maintenance agreements) we create and provide both the operational systems of work you need to need to safely operate a HV network, as well as provide a team of Design Engineers, Senior Authorised Persons (SAPs) and technicians who will provide safe access, operate, maintain and help you develop and run your network in an efficient manor. In a nutshell, we provide all the policies, procedures and thinking about your HV network giving you on less thing to worry about and allowing you to concentrate on running your business.

Running a safe, reliable HV network is not an easy task. We have developed over 500 electrical policies and codes of practice, and literally hundreds of thousands of individual procedures that we employee everyday to keep our operatives safe when working on the HV. Not withstanding the legislative policy requirements we recognise that the time and the cost required to train, maintain and manage a robust HV skilled labour force is just not practical to the vast majority of our customers. We developed COMA to give customers a simple and affordable way around these challenges.
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It’s quite simple. We become an extension to your hand. Customers can think of us as the HV Engineering department of your business. You continue to own the assets and equipment of your network, and you employ us to ensure that it is regularly inspected, cleaned, maintained and operating efficiently. 

If you need advice or the part of power turning off, re-routining or if you have a fault one phone call to us and we be on site ready to help.  Some of our customers even simply ask for our presence on site when key things with there business are happening e.g. for the important things like; they have a new machine going live or they’ve an important order in production, all the way to it being a match day or they need to close one of the runways for a short time.
Testing and Commissioning
Our electrical engineers are fully experienced in testing & commissioning all types of switchgear and protection relays. With years of experience and a wealth of quality and safety accreditations, our engineers are well equipped to test and commission all the equipment within your electrical transmission and distribution infrastructure.

Private HV networks run in parallel with the distribution and transmission network, due to the dynamic nature of these networks coupled with embedded generation connecting to the networks fault level is rising.  When the fault levels rise it may affect the protection operating time and therefore you may lose discrimination between protection devices.

Electricity North West (Construction & Maintenance) Ltd can carry out a full fault level and protection study of your site and ensure you are fully protected and you have the correct discrimination between protection devices.  We can carry out this study on an annual basis liaising with the DNO to constantly check fault level activity and ensure your site remains secure.
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