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Energy Procurement Services

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Finding energy contracts for your business is a time-consuming process. It’s also quite a stressful process if you don’t know anything about energy, the jargon used across the industry and most importantly how much you should actually be paying for your electricity. There are hundreds of different suppliers in the market with a variety of different tariffs, making energy procurement and management even harder for businesses. That is why it’s important to ensure that you source the best deal from the most competitive suppliers. 

ENWCML are able to give you access to the most competitive energy prices on the market. We do not act as a typical third party introducer, instead we gather the data on behalf of the customer and present them with an offer. There are no hidden margins, and the customer is assured to get the most competitive deal on the market.

Every business is different. That is why we work with you to find a renewable energy plan that supports your priorities. Fixed Plans allow you to focus on running your business and give you predictable energy pricing. Flex Plans allow you to watch the market and control when you buy your electricity.

Fixed supply contract

Cost simplicity

You prefer to secure your prices up-front and don’t want to have to constantly think about energy costs.

Low risk

You want to manage your budget efficiently and avoid the risk of buying energy at the wrong time.

The right use of your time

You want to spend time running your business, not monitoring energy price movements.

Lower energy consumption

If your business uses less than 2GWh, you’re unlikely to save money tracking the market.

Flexible supply contract

Cost control

As prices rise and fall, you want to control when you buy power to manage market fluctuations.

Wholesale energy

You want to dedicate resources tracking the market and take advantage of wholesale price movements.

The right team

You want exclusive access to market data and support from our dedicated Flex traders.

Higher energy consumption

If your business uses more than 2GWh, you could mitigate risk and make savings tracking the market

Full renewable tariff

With access to renewable generators in the UK, we are able to offer a green renewable tariff to all of our customers.

For businesses, renewable energy has the potential to generate savings as well as commercial opportunities. It also helps companies to meet their CSR commitments, to appeal to customers and stakeholders focused on sustainability, and to make a positive contribution to the environment.

With so many benefits, it has to be time to think about switching – doesn’t it?

If your business is considering a move to renewable energy, ENWCML are happy to discuss your options and help you discover what is best for your needs.

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If you would like more information on our Energy Procurement Services, please contact us direct to discuss this further.

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