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Behind the Meter

Generation Assets

Onsite generation of power can be derived from a range of technological solutions. Depending on the process it’s designed to power will dictate which technology is best suited for your application. Other factors to consider are the environmental and economic effects of installing on site generation and how this may influence your chosen application. The most common on-site generators of power which we install are:


  • Solar PV
  • Diesel Engines
  • Gas engines/turbines including CHP
  • Wind Turbines
  • Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)


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We are seeing more and more customers installing their own power sources on-site instead of purely relying on gird produced power. These are now known as ‘prosumers’, consumers of energy who produce and consume at source. The effects of this are that you can increase the resilience at your premises, whilst also reducing your cost of energy to power your process’s. The added benefit of this is if the chosen technology is producing ‘green’ energy from a renewable source such as solar PV, you are massively reducing your carbon footprint by not relying solely on grid distributed power. Equally, a mix of a Gas engine with a solar PV installation, can be a balanced generation profile at all times, with the diversity of both high operational savings (from the Gas element) and strong carbon benefits (from the Solar PV).

The process’s that are needed to be powered will be the most influential factor in deciding which technology is most suitable. ENWCML are able to assess and design the most appropriate solution for your needs, evidencing the payback on the capital outlay or where possible presenting a funded solution. Understanding your sites requirements and limitations, whilst also understanding the grid constraints in the local network area are all key to ensuring that the solution put forward is not only suitable for your needs but compatible at the site overall. ENWCML are able to assist with initial desk top analysis, site feasibility studies, grid applications, the construction of the installation and the ongoing maintenance of all the solutions we propose.


If you would like further information on solutions for behind the meter generation assets, please contact us directly to discuss this further.

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