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The UK’s Electricity System is Changing

As we transition to a net zero economy, we face new challenges. How can we meet increasing electricity demand when the wind isn’t blowing, the sun isn’t shining, and renewables aren’t generating? And how do we ensure that we can store renewable power at times when generation exceeds demand? To ensure security of supply, the UK requires sources of reliable and flexible power, able to respond swiftly to fluctuations in supply and – increasingly – address pressure on local networks and constraints in urban areas.

ENWCML are actively developing decentralised energy plants that offer a localised solution to this problem. They provide standby flexible electricity which at times of peak demand, ensure we have the energy when and where it is most needed. As well as enabling the development of more renewables, our plants support the growth of new technologies such as electric vehicles and heat pumps by providing on demand energy in our busiest urban areas.

Our Solutions

Peaking Plants

Peaking Plants use natural gas in highly efficient engines to generate electricity which is exported to the grid during times of low renewable output helping keep the energy supply to the grid stable. For example, on short winter days (low solar generation) or extended periods of low pressure (low wind generation) extra power is needed to keep the inertia on the grid stable. In doing so peaking plants ensure we have secure energy supplies whilst supporting growing renewable capacity without the risk of power cuts.

Energy Storage

Battery Energy Storage Systems – or ‘BESS’ – provides a more instantaneous but shorter duration response than gas engines allowing them to react faster to changes in grid supplied power. Batteries are currently playing a significant role in regulating the grid’s frequency, as more battery capacity is connected to the grid it will enable power to be stored when excess electricity from low carbon generators (wind, solar, hydro etc) is generated than we can utilise, and can then export this power during times when there is less renewable generation or higher demand.

Land Wanted

We are looking for commercial or industrial land to rent to develop new ENWCML projects. We will fully fund the development at no risk to the landlord and will pay competitive rents for suitable sites.

A Suitable Site is:

  • Close to high voltage electricity lines and cables, gas mains (not applicable for BESS) and telecoms
  •  Ideally has level ground with existing hardstanding
  • At least 50 meters from the closest residential property
  •  Between 3,000sq ft – 10,000sq ft
  •  Access to the public highway

Think Your Land is

Our sites include unused car parks, open storage land, derelict or unused land around warehouses, storage facilities and factories. But our small and modular approach means that we can often create value on land that may not appear to have any. If in doubt send us your sites and
our in-house Development Team will review them.

Landowner Benefits

• 20 – 30 year lease income from a bankable counterparty
• Regular index linked rent reviews
• Significant investment in the
infrastructure of your site
• A long-term operational partner
• Potential direct supply of cheap
electricity and heat

Download  Land Wanted brochure pdf.