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As a key organisation in the energy industry within the UK North West region, we strongly believe we have a major role in helping our customers, suppliers and the wider community to become more carbon neutral. Everybody relies on electricity, but carbon reduction doesn’t just stop at being energy-savvy or using clean renewable electricity. The construction and maintenance of electrical networks alone can have a huge impact on the environment.

We have ambitious targets to become a carbon neutral company by 2032 and we understand it is only achievable if we first educate and get the commitment of our employees to this important goal. We therefore decided to join The Carbon Literacy Project to help and ensure that we make individual and business decisions with carbon footprint in mind at all times.


Here are some of the things that we actively take part in and encourage:

  • All members of the business participated in a one day face-to-face highly interactive formal training course all about Carbon Literacy
  • Regular discussions about what individuals can do in the workplace and at home to help impact climate change
  • Our employees made pledges to make small but impactful changes in their personal and work life and this has now been built into each employee’s personal objectives and targets
  • We have installed more EV chargers at our office car park and have offered financial contributions to the cost of installing EV chargers at home for our employees
  • We now have a Renault electric van at Manchester airport, which is perfect for our colleagues to get about in, in a carbon-neutral way between our various work sites
  • For those colleagues who want to switch to public transport, we are now offering help with buying season tickets and there’s our cycle to work scheme on offer too.

We are now more mindful of how we are planning projects, how many journeys we are making, and we are now incentivising our staff to help us with providing new technology solutions to customers so that they can reduce their carbon impact too.

As a company, we are keen to help our customers, suppliers and the wider community to become more sustainable and carbon neutral, which is why we devised plans for 2022 that will see us collaborating with other organisations. We are developing our own Carbon Literacy educational material and are going to use it to educate our customers and our supply chain, so that they too can take their own Carbon Literacy journey and become influencers.


The ethos of the Carbon Literacy Organisation is extremely helpful to us in our journey to become carbon neutral by 2032. It has helped us foster a culture in our organisation that prompts us to think about our impact on the environment and climate change within every aspect of our business. By educating our employees, we have already seen their contribution as individuals and as teams. We also believe that encouraging our suppliers and customers to be more sustainable will have a positive impact for their organisation, our organisation and our communities.