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Essential Healthcare Equipment (HTM06-01)

Our Control, Operation and Maintenance Agreements (COMA), can ensure that you are fully compliant with HTM06-01.  You can have the assurance that equipment is safe and reliable with regular inspections and maintenance work to prevent possible failures.

Let Electricity North West (Construction & Maintenance) be your essential healthcare partner.

Our guidance* sets out the requirements, design applications, operation and maintenance of the electrical infrastructure within healthcare premises.

Guidance is for:

  • healthcare managers
  • electrical safety groups
  • design engineers
  • estate managers
  • operations managers
  • contractors
  • supply chain businesses                 

There are five basic elements to support operational and maintenance of electrical services at healthcare facilities 

  • planned preventative maintenance including visual inspection
  • service/test/ recorded information/ feedback
  • condition-based maintenance
  • visual inspection
  • response to failures

Low Voltage Switchgear
and Protection

 • Visual six monthly inspections
• Thermal imaging
• Fuse switches and isolators inspected and operated manually
• Power factor and harmonics annual inspections
• Routine maintenance on air circuit breakers (ACBs) and moulded case circuit breakers (MCCBs)

Transformers and
Their Enclosures

• Transformer maintenance
• Response to failure
• Annual inspection
• Oil sampling

High Voltage Switchgear
and Protection

 • Visual three monthly    inspections
• Partial discharge testing
• Routine maintenance
• Secondary injection testing
• Response to failures

Grading and protection

• High Voltage grading studies
• Site loading studies
• Protection setting
• Earthing studies 

(To be reviewed when an appropriate opportunity arises or within a five-year period)


*Based on recommendations found in section 17 of the HTM 06-01 document

You can view the full Healthcare Technical Memorandum document here.