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High Voltage Transformer Owner Operators are invited to join our movement for climate improvement



With a choice of finance options including Zero Capex funding from Energy Savings with short term Return on Investment from Electricity North West Construction & Maintenance.

Electricity North West have installed and/or maintain several thousand HV Transformers for customers across the North West of England. Some have been identified as commissioned prior to 1984 and are still in operation today. As our customer we identify you as an ‘owner-operator’ and part of a diverse mix of Heavy Industry, Health Care, Transport, Food Processing and the Hotels & Leisure sector. You can save significant energy consumption costs following a transformer upgrade and help make a significant contribution to carbon emission reductions and site losses.

We have launched this campaign and movement to make the changes needed to replace this aging plant with a choice of new, Low Loss Transformers with a guarantee** to reduce your energy costs and site carbon emissions.

*Assumption that the average transformer is rated at 1000kVA with at least a 30% load factor, if we were to upgrade all the transformers we have highlighted we would be saving our clients in the North West a total of £276,959,800 (426092 x 650) and would be taking the total of 1,105,325 Tonnes of carbon out of the atmosphere (68.02 x 25 x 650) over the next 25 years. **Actual savings in energy costs and carbon reductions will vary but will be calculated following the site survey.
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Your Invitation

Electricity North West (Construction and Maintenance) Limited support over 1000 HV Transformer Owner Operators across the North West, many of which are operating older equipment and although well maintained and functional, could be identified as under-performing for transmission losses, carbon emissions and excess energy consumption, compared to today’s equivalent transformer options.

We are inviting you to join a program of upgrades, designed to bring financial benefits to operators and climate benefits for all. There are multiple financial options (shown below) that can fully negate the immediate capital expenditure required for the upgrade, with energy savings covering equipment costs, through to standard finance leases or upfront capital payments where you can benefit from operational savings from day one.

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#HVUPGRADE a step towards net zero carbon

One Million tonnes of carbon emission reduction and £250m of cost savings can be made, just within this customer group alone, but we recognise that any decision to upgrade has to be right for each individual operator too.

Every site is unique, so we will provide, subject to survey, a detailed proposal outlining choices of transformer upgrades and finance options available.

Zero CAPEX (Shared Savings)
Let us fully finance the cost of the transformer upgrade and we will detail the return on investment over a 5 year period to cover repayments from the energy cost savings you will make post upgrade. Thereafter, long-term savings will be transferred to the operator.

Finance Lease

If your preference/policy is to lease capital equipment off balance sheet and benefit from operational costs from day one, then we can arrange this option, or work with your existing finance partners.

Capital Purchase
Where the capital cost of the upgrade can be funded outright and the assets are preferred to be owned, then no problem, the savings model will demonstrate exactly how much operational savings will be made post upgrade.