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High Voltage Transformer Owner Operators are invited to join our movement for climate improvement. #HVUpgrade

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An opportunity to reduce carbon emissions by over 1 million tonnes and save over £250 million in energy costs* for our customers, making a significant contribution to carbon reduction targets across the North West over the next 25 years.

Electricity North West (Construction & Maintenance) Ltd. have enjoyed long relationships supporting many customers with maintenance under COMA or other services and are currently offering options to upgrade their High Voltage Transformers to a low-loss replacement Transformer ensuring energy savings.

Having installed and/or are continuing to maintain several thousand HV Transformers for customers across the North West of England. We have been able to identify many that were commissioned prior to 1984 and are still in operation today across a diverse mix of sectors including Heavy Industry, Health Care, Transport, Food Processing and Hotels & Leisure.

These transformers are no longer compliant with current eco-design standards as updated in 2015 and will fall even further behind expected performance levels when new replacement standards come into effect in June 2021.

Every business in the UK is targeted on reducing carbon emissions and energy consumption, and no-more so than those businesses in the North West where ambitious carbon reduction targets exist for net zero by 2038.

Transformers are the often forgotten, essential but reliable asset that ensures the lights stay on. An essential part of every businesses HV electrical infrastructure and all too often in the; “…if it’s not broke don’t fix it” asset category, and not prioritised on the capital expenditure wish list. However, with help from Electricity North West Construction and Maintenance we can help you achieve significant benefits with no additional capital required.

We have launched this campaign and movement to make the changes needed to replace this ageing plant with a choice of new, Low-Loss Transformers.Following a transformer upgrade, businesses will reduce energy consumption costs whilst making a significant contribution to carbon emission reductions and transmission losses at their site. Savings that support a short-term return on investment via an adapted power purchase agreement.

Options remain in place up to June 2021 to upgrade older transformers to current 2015 Eco-Design standards with current transformer formats that will remain unaffected by these changes. Acting now can reduce capital cost by as much as £10000 per unit and ensure compliance for many years to come. Delaying the inevitable and necessary upgrade of these assets beyond June 2021 will incur higher costs.

Visit our dedicated webpage on the Transformer Upgrade Program to download our brochure and find out more https://www.enwcml.co.uk/transformer-upgrade-campaign/

*Assumption that the average transformer is rated at 1000kVA with at least a 30% load factor, if we were to upgrade all the transformers we have highlighted, we would be saving our clients in the North West a total of £276,959,800 (426092 x 650Tx) and would be taking the total of 1,105,325 tonnes of carbon out of the atmosphere (68.02tCO2 x 25yrs x 650Tx) over the next 25 years. **Actual savings in energy costs and carbon reductions will vary but will be calculated following the site survey.