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HV Des Con
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HV Design & Construction

High voltage design and construction is a complex, multidiscipline, engineering process that allows an initial concept to be developed into a well engineered, economic, sustainable, safely delivered solution for your electrical infrastructure.


There are many reasons why so many clients trust ENW for Design and Construction projects.


A turnkey design and construction solution offers you a streamlined and consistent approach from conception to completion. Our expert design engineers and project managers will ensure that all regulatory, health and safety, sustainability and best practice standards are adhered to throughout the design and construction phases. Our flexible approach to design and construction works allow us to tailor the project to suit your

In House expertise, financial stability, compliance and safety are just a few…

Our specialist, multidiscipline, in house design team will help you focus on the important goals from your project. Our designers will utilise their expertise in a range of HV construction fields to offer you an economically engineered, sustainable solution. We do this by either visiting your site and talking through your needs or by completing a desk top study of your requirements. With a finalised design in place your project is handed to our construction delivery team. With a wealth of engineering and health and safety experience our proactive project managers supported by our specialist HV installation teams will deliver your construction project on time, within budget and to the highest standards.

Walk through our process for engagement

From initial consultation through to completion, we will work closely with you to deliver the resource and management services for your installation.

Initial Consultation
Talk through your project with one of our design engineers

Design & Estimate
We will provide an accurate cost estimate and the required design drawings which caninclude: Transformers, Switchgear, Cables, Substation layouts, Ground works and Low voltage panels


Customer acceptance of the design and budget.


Project Management
Our team are fully trained and authorised to industry standards and will deliver your works on time and to the highest quality.


Testing & Commissioning
We will complete testing and associated studies on your network including: Fault level and protection  studies, Harmonic surveys, Earthing studies and Network studies from  6.6kV to 132kV