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Solar PV: Customer Case Study

Solar Project - Case Study Image

ENWCML Energy has installed this commercial Solar PV rooftop solution for a Commercial Landlord.

We were appointed as a principal Contractor and Principal Designer on this project and delivered the installation via SAS ENERGY.

This project used 340w JA Solar PV Modules with an installed capacity of 34.34kWp of clean sustainable energy generating 8050kg/year of Carbon savings. By utilising unused space such as rooftops, we can help businesses to work towards their Net Zero targets whilst also saving on their overall energy costs.

This project has helped this customer to reduce their CO2 emissions and also their energy costs. Want to save how we can help you and your business also make these savings? Fill in our dedicated Solar PV contact form here.

Talk to ENWCML Energy today to see how we can also help your business to decarbonise by creating a bespoke Solar PV solution for your site.