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Supporting the Government and NHS to create Covid-19 Hospital, Nightingale.

Engineers from ENWCML have supported the creation of the region’s first specialist field hospital.

NHS Nightingale Hospital North West has been built to help with the Coronavirus outbreak in the region. Based at Manchester Central Conference Centre, the hospital, now open, will have capacity for up to 750 patients.

Prior to its opening, ENWCML engineers ensured the existing electrical infrastructure was able to support the new facility while a second reserve electricity supply was also installed along with additional assets to protect the new hospital’s power supply.

Mark Williamson, CEO at Electricity North West Construction and Maintenance, said: “We’ve worked closely with key stakeholders and Manchester City Council to ensure our work at NHS Nightingale Hospital North West was completed as quickly as possible.

“Our teams of skilled engineers carried out detailed assessments ensuring the infrastructure was suitable for the change in use of the site, and we have also installed the latest automation and remote-control technology adding additional security, further protecting the hospital’s electricity network from the risk of disruption.

“We provide a critical service and our employees have been named as key workers throughout the pandemic. We’re proud to support the NHS and provide the essential service they need right now to help them do their amazing work that we are all thankful for.”

The work has ensured the hospital can continue to treat Coronavirus patients.